Emotion of the day number 14, with thanks to Be Manzini

…before settling on Toilworn I went from slog to toil to toiling, enjoying learning the verb toil comes in part from Latin tudiculare to crush, grind. I’m toilworn in body and spirit today and the worn part to the word feels particularly evocative of that knackered feeling. It’s potentially the first word in this writing series that conjures sculpture to mind. More post about The Daily Journeys We Wear to follow to pick up this thread..

Continuing to revisit The China Hall

“The China Hall is one of those buildings that on first stepping inside elicits gasps of wonder – with its high barrel-vaulted ceilings, immense space and visible remnants of its former industrious past.”

From British Ceramics Biennial website (delivered by The Clay Foundation)

I agree with the British Ceramics Biennial site description there’s certainly something about the sheer scale of this space. That work continues to be commissioned especially for it is especially wonderful.

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Work in progress: Totem

A good studio session throwing porcelain for a new tall (taller than kiln) sculpture to be stacked over a cane for support.


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Revisiting The China Hall, Old Spode Works

As part of the rebuilding plans for this site I wanted to make much better use of the reams of photos that document my past exhibitions. These were taken when I delivered my work to the British Ceramics Biennial in September 2013. The space was incredible, absolutely cavernous with so much of the last industry, an all encompassing culture, in evidence.

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Buying my work online

The occasion of The Hepworth Wakefield Contemporary Ceramics Fair moving online has led me to make work available to buy online. I have set out key considerations you might have if you’re interested in owning any of the pieces on this page.


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Emotion of the day number 13, with thanks to Be Manzini

… a tricky one to pin down this. I was trying to describe the seeking of distance or perspective to remove the immediate Covid related pressures, lack of autonomy, control, the mulling over micro decisions. A brief and cold trip to the allotment helped be reminded of things that follow a different rhythm. Here’s some of my Dwam figures weathering the recent storms.


Emotion of the day number 12, with thanks to Be Manzini

… the longest lapse (four days) yet in this relatively new prompt to write and post daily. I was looking at weary and fatigued and came across this brilliant piece of text on the literal and figurative meanings of lassitude. It particularly won me over with the suggestion of neglect which nailed my sense I could have looked after myself a bit better and also my current preoccupations with how to best look after others.


Emotion of the day number 11, with thanks to Be Manzini

… in part recovering from a fraught day and also anticipating a trip to the dentist that could have been avoided. Focused the morning on moving a new project on and looking ahead to 2021 bringing a sense of sedate productiveness. Particularly enjoyed this expansion on sober when figuring out the right word for today.