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Anna is an artist and freelancer based in Sheffield where she works on a number of film, art and community projects. Her sculptural practice is routed in ceramic traditions and explores a narrative of form and language around apparent common objects often worn in some way.

”What Anna brings to the projects she commits to is not only big picture thinking, but just as importantly deep consideration and care, particularly for the people involved: be they the beneficiaries or the teams within the organisation itself.”
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Melanie Iredale (she/her) Director, Birds’ Eye View

Work in progress

Listening to the Fern Owl

I went to an online Arts Catalyst workshop last week called Listening to the Fern Owl: Poetry as Field Recording. It was hosted by Nastassja Simensky and Mina Gorji who created a warm, welcoming and inquisitive space on a chilly…


Sea Change (2019)



Gorget (2020)