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Anna is an artist and freelancer based in Sheffield where she works on a number of film, art and community projects. Her sculptural practice is routed in ceramic traditions and explores a narrative of form and language around apparent common objects often worn in some way.


… despite the blue skies and crisp air. Recovering from a deadline the day before and generally feeling the weight of things. Not helped by, in site related news, my Reading page still eluding me. I want a simple routeContinue reading “Depleted…”

“Anna has displayed what I think is the most important of ambitions, to take her voice and her intelligence, with all the insight and eloquence that she has crafted over the years, and using it to lift up others so that they might be heard. Whether geared towards the artist filmmaker, the industry professional or the audience member Anna is skilled at adapting and evolving her approach while never compromising her own skill.”

Wendy Cook, Head of Cinema, Hyde Park Picture House


Sea Change (2019)



Gorget (2020)