To present my art practice, writing, consultancy work without documenting my reading would be to leave a gaping hole. When I redeveloped my website I set out to present a fuller more accurate representation of the elements of my creative and professional practice. Reading underpins this, whether short or long fiction, essays, articles, newsletters – it’s an essential foundation to my day.

Reading Folk by Zoe Gilbert

I was leant a copy of Folk by Zoe Gilbert and warned I would inhale it, rightly so. I was thrilled to find out hardback copies were still available because I knew it was a book I wanted to horde and re-read and re-read. I loved everything about this book. The separate but together stories,Continue reading “Reading Folk by Zoe Gilbert”


I think this is as close as I can get to the softly energetic pleased with myself feeling I have today. A nice time writing, a return to Jayne’s pilates, mixed with really enjoyable reading (Helen Dunmore… more soon…) and finally buying a shed. I feel unfurled. This continues to be my go to dictionaryContinue reading “Springing…”


One of those nice serendipitous things where Brain Pickings, a newsletter I enjoy, took me to The Poetry Business who had been recommended to me just yesterday, via enjoying Christy Ducker’s A Scientist’s Advice on Healing. I am happily now a member and looking forward to reading Messenger in full. “Try to accept this fatContinue reading “Bestirred…”

Rachel Pronger’s discovery of Sandra Lahire

The wonderful archive activists Invisible Women bring archive to screen. Their research and writing are beguilingly rich, I’ve learnt so much about missing work in film history from them. Their particularly lovely recent newsletter features Rachel Pronger’s piece in Art Monthly on discovering Sandra Lahire. This essay is fertile in its description of the filmsContinue reading “Rachel Pronger’s discovery of Sandra Lahire”


…This is the only way to describe the impact of reading N.K. Jemisin’s The Broken Earth trilogy. Everything else is filling time until I can find my way back to the last book, The Stone Sky, again. I’m planning a Reading section on this site and will talk more about this trilogy then. Emotion ofContinue reading “Ensorcelled…”


… despite the blue skies and crisp air. Recovering from a deadline the day before and generally feeling the weight of things. Not helped by, in site related news, my Reading page still eluding me. I want a simple route to embed books without supporting amazon and the like and may have to resort toContinue reading “Depleted…”