Not ponderous…

…What is quite nice about this writing exercise is discovering so many words I’ve been using wrongly. I thought being ponderous was a good thing. Thoughtful, considered, weighty. According to the following I’m roughly 200 years out of date. Also a photo based round up of days I didn’t post might be in order. Partly explains why instagram is so popular, much easier that way but is in opposition to my resolution to manage my own content as much as possible, certainly as the primary source,

The Serious History of Ponderous:

“Ponderous is ultimately from the Latin word for “weight,” namely, “pondus” (which also gave us “ponder” and “preponderance” and is related to “pound”). We adopted “ponderous” with the literal sense “heavy” from Anglo-French ponderus in the 15th century, and early on we appended a figurative sense of “weighty,” that is, “serious” or “important.” But we stopped using the “serious” sense of “ponderous” around 200 years ago – perhaps because in the meantime we’d imposed on it a different figurative sense of “dull and lifeless,” which we still use today.”

Emotion of the day number 19, with thanks to Be Manzini

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