Revisiting The China Hall, Old Spode Works

As part of the rebuilding plans for this site I wanted to make much better use of the reams of photos that document my past exhibitions. These were taken when I delivered my work to the British Ceramics Biennial in September 2013. The space was incredible, absolutely cavernous with so much of the last industry, an all encompassing culture, in evidence.

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Growing a thicker skin

I’m developing a body of work called Carapace, they’re going to be armours, skins, husks… wearable hopefully. For this I’m experimenting with paper clay, how thin can I make it,…

New Work: Crustaceous Collection

I unloaded my kiln this morning and then cracked open a couple of saggar pots that had been fired with wood ash, banana skins and all manner of organic matter.…


I love the idea of having a hardened exterior. I definitely don’t permanently but it is a good feeling to be finding your shell again. This word also relates to…


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