I felt very honoured to be featured by Aesthetica recently in a piece about sculpture evolving. Lacuna was longlisted for Aesthetica’s Art Prize in 2015. I remember being asked to write something for the Art Prize Future Now Anthology. It was one if the first times I took a deep breath and wrote what I thought and felt:

“I am preoccupied by the alchemical, the haptic and the woeful disregard for the conjury of ceramics, the illegitimate art form. My work represents states of being, relies on recognition – of the everyday, of human stance and domestic scale – often taking etymological origins.

Lacuna – an unfilled space, a gap, an extended silence or depression – is a once-thrown piece that rests and melts with hidden pools, smooth folds and broken loops.”

Lacuna, Future Now Anthology 2015

Emotion of the day series, with thanks to Be Manzini

FUTURE NOW: Aesthetica Symposium 2020

On my way home from the first day of Aesthetica’s FUTURE NOW Symposium. The programme has been so stimulating. The combination of panel discussions, keynotes and one to one sessions makes for a really engaging experience. I was lucky to have two extremely-useful portfolio reviews. They were with Lottie Davies and Pierre Saurisse. Both were generous, enthusing and thoughtful and have given me ideas and directions to pursue I’d not previously seen.