Recommending The Ariadne Archive

I subscribe to far too many newsletters, more than I can reasonably read. I do try to break up computer time by taking a moment to read ones that catch my eye and I’m so glad I read the latest post from Freya Rohn of The Ariadne Archive this morning.

“The yellow ochre amber leaves have left with the wind in the space of a couple of days. The tundra on the mountains turns more crimson with each hour it seems, lichens exposed in the higher altitudes lining the contrast. The chickadees, boreal chickadees, nuthatches, Steller’s jays, magpies, woodpeckers, and a squirrel are busier than usual, collecting the nuts I’ve laid out for them. The chickadees, looking like small feathered blooms on the ends of the now bare branches as they wait their turn to dive.“

Freya Rohn /To be on the way is the most important thing The Ariadne Archive

Freya describes deciding to split the feelings they’re experiencing into two newsletters this week and I admired that. This post celebrates gratitude and beauty whilst acknowledging there are rage fuelled feelings present too. I can be very total in observing my feelings – it is all bad, unpleasant and difficult or it isn’t. This post reminded me of what I’m trying to practice of recognising feelings pass and also to have the strength to read about difficult things and the importance of bearing witness to them. Thank you Freya.

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