Navigating the Wild West: Campaigning with Dial F for Freelancer

Earlier this month I wrote a blog post for the Independent Cinema Office on Dial F for Freelancer’s work and a recent industry event I hosted. Trying to summarise the discussion that was densely packed with specialist detail and impassioned concern for freelancers was a challenge. I hoped to convey the spirit of the event and how high feelings were running amongst attendees, colleagues and speakers alike.

How can we communicate clearly, loudly and persuasively about a situation that is nuanced, niche and ultimately experienced on an unsupported and underrepresented individual basis?

I consider my involvement in Dial F for Freelancer to be campaigning work. It is ongoing, it is voluntary and I consider it vital.

Preparing for Sheffield Creative Guild Sessions

I was really gratified to find I am fully booked for the business planning advice sessions I am hosting for Sheffield Creative Guild this month. I’ve been preparing for the first set of bookings tomorrow and really excited to meet the practitioners.

Sarah Grace Dye

Sarah’s Instagram feed

I am really looking forward to meeting Sarah, I love paper, artists’ books and all things folded. Having seen the photos from Sarah’s recent studio move and the absolutely beautiful space she’s created I’m going to have to work really hard to stay on topic in the limited time we have as I could spend hours discussing found objects and why we’re drawn to collect things.

Katy Billington

Katy has some stunning prints and the making behind them in her feed. I probably have more prints on my walls than anything else and I find the process intriguing. How a printmaker can reverse and isolate all the elements in a composition is so impressive to me. Katy uses lots of different printmaking techniques sometimes combining them.


Strength is often portrayed as a physical triumph over adversity, challenging a commonly held convention and testing ourselves to the limit. But what happens when we break? How do we heal and centre?

A Fallow Time: Strength in Isolation by THATLOOKSQUEER

This writing from my third booking tomorrow is really beguiling. I particularly loved the description of Phoebe Davis’ work in Site Gallery last year. Describing a fallow time earlier in this pandemic resonated with me too.

Book a workshop with me in January 2021

Thrilled to be doing these with Sheffield Creative Guild

Sea Change

A professional and personal development lab for women in the film industry set on the Isle of Tiree

In September I was incredibly lucky to produce Sea Change Development Lab. I worked with Jen Skinner who runs Screen Argyll and founded Sea Change. Jen had a clear vision to bring talented women together in a wonderful setting. She worked with the wonderfully generous community of people and businesses on the island to create a unique and nourishing environment.

Being surrounded by such a phenomenal and intelligent group of women was such an amazing feeling of support

The My Story sessions were great , because it gave every single person a chance to present themselves in a way of their choosing

I’ve found it very hard to express to anyone at home exactly why and how it was such an incredible and impactful experience