Skord series (4 rings) £120

Skord series (4 rings) Dimensions: 47cm x 24cm x 3.5cm

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The Skord series is so hard to photograph. I’ve deliberately left the studio in the background to give a sense of scale and it helped to avoid distracting reflections in the glass too.

Skord – deep indentation in the top of a hill at right angles to its ridge (Shetlandic)

Skord came from Robert Macfarlane’s Landmarks. I like to have a specific name for a series in development, a bit like a project title, usually linked to the meaning of the work but also because I like how it sounds. When making these pieces I was thinking a lot about the Peak District landscape, how textured the rock felt. There are ideas about collecting stones and found objects in these too.

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  1. Greaat blog I enjoyed reading


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