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Recent posts relating to my art practice

Strata I Sketchbook

Documenting this sketchbook helped hone why they’re such a key part of how I develop work. Continually reframing the composition of pages and elements I revisited the textures, surfaces and shapes I was interested in when putting the pages together. I tend to work with several projects in mind with so much not realised inContinue reading “Strata I Sketchbook”

Continuing to revisit The China Hall

“The China Hall is one of those buildings that on first stepping inside elicits gasps of wonder – with its high barrel-vaulted ceilings, immense space and visible remnants of its former industrious past.” From British Ceramics Biennial website (delivered by The Clay Foundation) I agree with the British Ceramics Biennial site description there’s certainly somethingContinue reading “Continuing to revisit The China Hall”


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