Emotion of the day number 6, with thanks to Be Manzini

… Summarising a fairly winning feeling for the day so far, productive, sociable, bought amazing books for research in Oxfam, didn’t get unduly stressed about an application and picked tiny red leaves with my son. For someone who ruminates on what a work day should entail, what makes for legitimate labour and so on it is relieving to feel less preoccupied about this today.

Drudgerous / new series of posts, number 4…

Emotion of the day, with thanks to Be Manzini

… With thanks to Annabel for a clarifying discussion on this one – that they’re definitely allowed to be made up. Could also be sludgery, sludgerous. Mental drudgery in that my ruminating is particularly uninspired and toilsome today.

Reticent / new series of posts, number 3…

Emotion of the day, with thanks to Be Manzini

… I’m enjoying researching definitions for this exercise. It’s an illuminating thing to seek the exact meaning you’re mindful of. Not sure I’ve hit it right today as I mean something more deliberate and retreating but this definition includes ‘inclined to be silent’ so perhaps I’m close enough.

Vivacious / new series of posts, number 2…

Emotion of the day, with thanks to Be Manzini

… It was going to be irascible due to broken sleep, lukewarm coffee and that invasive drizzle Sheffield specialises in. Then I went to Bragazzis and their xmas shop newly reopened. One cappuccino, two sandwiches (shared!) later and I’ve gone for an Italian tribute to my uplift in energy. On a quick browse I’m not into the ‘especially used to describe a woman..’ definition. I like this one ‘lively in temper, conduct, or spirit’.

Ebullience / new series of posts…

Emotion of the day, with thanks to Be Manzini

… Let’s see how long I manage this. As part of Write On Be asked us to choose one emotion to sum up how we were feeling at the beginning and end of each workshop. This popped into my head this morning when I was swimming for only the second time since Covid-19 broke out. Aside from the pure joy of being in the water again I was thinking about the day ahead where I’m taking part in This Way Up 2020 giving me contact with dear colleagues and peers. Also the podcast on hope I heard last night, to be a post in it’s own right soon.

Write On with Be Manzini

I finished an online creative writing course with Be Manzini yesterday evening. Two hours a week for three weeks and the best decision made this year. I’ve worked with Be before so I had a sense of what to expect. She is incredibly warm, thoughtful and encouraging. I still under-estimated how powerful the feeling of being taken seriously as a writer would be.