Looking back on my posts, they coalesce around this time in the month. The fact this didn’t fret me into thinking I must do more is evidence of feeling resolved. I’ve been working towards a monthly production cycle for a while. A week isn’t long enough and results in unfinished lists. A while back MorvernContinue reading “Resolved…”


I love the idea of having a hardened exterior. I definitely don’t permanently but it is a good feeling to be finding your shell again. This word also relates to new work on which a longer piece will follow. I did the sketch below after loading but before unloading my kiln and I was soContinue reading “Crustaceous…”


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About Art

I could try some bespoke about sections, might be a bit crappy or could be informative… do not like the way the wordpress button is higher than the others. Ngh.

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