Work in progress: Totem

A good studio session throwing porcelain for a new tall (taller than kiln) sculpture to be stacked over a cane for support.

Returning to my studio

On Monday I spent the day in my studio for the first time in months. Winter and lockdown had combined to make it very difficult to be there. It was an apt moment to take visual stock of my surroundings, how comfortable they still felt and how excited I was to be back.


I think this is as close as I can get to the softly energetic pleased with myself feeling I have today. A nice time writing, a return to Jayne’s pilates, mixed with really enjoyable reading (Helen Dunmore… more soon…) and finally buying a shed. I feel unfurled. This continues to be my go to dictionaryContinue reading “Springing…”


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About Art

I could try some bespoke about sections, might be a bit crappy or could be informative… do not like the way the wordpress button is higher than the others. Ngh.

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