Listening to the Fern Owl

I went to an online Arts Catalyst workshop last week called Listening to the Fern Owl: Poetry as Field Recording. It was hosted by Nastassja Simensky and Mina Gorji who created a warm, welcoming and inquisitive space on a chilly evening. We were encouraged to consider the art of listening, through writing. We listened to…

Recommending The Ariadne Archive

I subscribe to far too many newsletters, more than I can reasonably read. I do try to break up computer time by taking a moment to read ones that catch my eye and I’m so glad I read the latest post from Freya Rohn of The Ariadne Archive this morning. “The yellow ochre amber leaves…

Growing a thicker skin

I’m developing a body of work called Carapace, they’re going to be armours, skins, husks… wearable hopefully. For this I’m experimenting with paper clay, how thin can I make it, what qualities can I make the most of. I’m also re-organising this site to ensure images of my work are more prominent.

Revisiting the Line with Jane Clarke

“that is the attention the poet is required to bring” Jane Clarke – Revisiting the Line for The Poetry Business I just finished a poetry workshop with Jane Clarke for The Poetry Business. Read more about my experience and revisiting Winter Spell as a result on Rough Hewn – my creative writing Substack.


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About Art

I could try some bespoke about sections, might be a bit crappy or could be informative… do not like the way the wordpress button is higher than the others. Ngh.

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